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Mi Juventud House

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Architect In Charge
Cuenca, Ecuador
530 m2
Mar, 2024


Located in the historic center of Cuenca, a UNESCO World Heritage city, our project focused on the restoration and revitalization of a vernacular house built in 1932. The challenge was to preserve the building’s historic character while integrating new functionalities to reanimate long-unused spaces. 

Originally constructed for commercial use, we chose to honor this initial purpose while addressing modern needs by adding a residential component to the rear of the plot. This blend of old and new functions reflects the evolving demands of city life, compacting and diversifying the use of urban space. 


In keeping with the building’s original architecture, brick served as the primary material, symbolizing continuity and tradition. Our intervention introduced various types and sizes of brick, including a distinctive trapezoidal shape around the perimeter, to showcase the evolution of this craft material over the decades. 

Despite the narrowness of the plot, our design maximizes spatiality through the strategic use of two courtyards, enhancing the dynamism and flow of the spaces. This thoughtful arrangement preserves the open, airy feel essential to the project’s aesthetic and functional goals. 


José Luis Vintimilla
Tito Fernandez Family
Modular Ecuador
Pedro Vazques
This project was honored with the Fray Jose Maria Vargas Award, recognizing its aesthetic contributions and its respectful yet innovative approach to blending modernist architecture with historical elements. The project not only rejuvenates the original structure but also strengthens the cultural fabric of the city.